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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The wizard of Oz

Australia: Only place in the world I like seeing Labour beating Liberals.


Blogger Panakea said...

I hope that you won't like it in any circumstances. This time I agree with you, becaus in the opposition have the opportunity to reform themselves, but if they will succeed in that, I'd like very much to see them return into power.

Historically, the Liberal Party of Australia is the amalgamation of the Free Trade Party (liberals) and the Protectionist Party (conservatives), and since then it has had many names. In any case, since its birth it had had both a liberal and a conservative wing.

The current leader John Howard and his deputy Peter Costello clearly belong to the conservative wing, but it's likely that the liberal wing will at some point regain the leaderhip of the party. The next leader is likely to be either Costello or the liberal Malcolm Turnbull, and if the latter will become the new leader, I predict that the party will become more like what it says on the tin.

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