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Friday, September 01, 2006

The return of eugenics

Mr Blair has finally lost the plot, in a last desperate effort to find a populist drum to beat before he is finally run out of town he has hit on the ultimate scapegoats - unborn children.

In his latest madcap rant on anti-social behaviour we are told that you can spot 'menace' kids before they are even born. By identifying problem families you can work out who are 'unsuitable' parents and provide them with 'help & assistance' in bringing up their children.

Who wouldn't be against help for people struggling to raise their children, put like that it sounds almost reasonable. Almost, but then you need to ask a few questions – who will do the identifying? Perhaps the local authority social services departments dominated by our old friends those Guardian reading, Labour voting, middle class lefties with bad 2:2 in Sociology who have been ruining lives for poor people for the last quarter of a century? What about the help, what shape will that take? Already we have dark threats that the state will take away the children of families that don’t control them properly, because we all know how well Council run children homes have served those children who managed to survive their tender care. And who will be the sort of people who get targeted? Well they won't be white, middle class barristers from Islington will they....

This is the same sort of wrong-headed nanny state mumbo-jumbo that we have come to expect from Blair & his tabloid army of collectivists, authoritarians & populists. We’ve gone from on the spot fines, to teen curfews and now we’ve reached ASBOs for the unborn - has anyone told SPUC? Even King Herod waited till the sprogs were actually born!

I’m afraid I have no confidence in the idea that the state will be a better parent than people. Instead of blaming the poor and means-testing them into penury why doesn’t this ‘Government’ give them the power to run their own lives, with control over the services they rely on, the financial means to make real choices and the responsibility for making their own choices about their lives and their family.

Blair has finally gone beyond parody – the Labour Party is a hollow rightwing election machine. It is devoid of principle, bereft of ideas, and needs to be put out of its, and our, misery. It is time to kiss nanny goodnight, say good bye Tony, Gordon & John and the rest of this increasingly appalling, wretched and clapped out shambles masquerading as a government.


Blogger Lobster Blogster said...

I think you got this right in the first paragraph. But was there any need to write more? Do you really believe there will be others in the Blair cabinet who will argue in favour of this madcap idea?

1:18 AM  
Blogger Bernie Hughes said...

"Guardian reading, Labour voting, middle class lefties with bad 2:2 in Sociology"

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Liberal Complainer -

I love Tony Blair and I hate complainers.
That means YOU!

Who died and made you God of Politics?

12:23 AM  
Anonymous terry fitzpatrick said...

The writer of this piece is one of the most vicious racists that we have around at the moment.

Along with the other crooks of Operation Black Vote he proposes the view that black people, and that is anyone who is not white, can only be represented by a black person. It seems that the politics are unimportant, only the colour of the skin matters. He is a racist and a crook like Simon Wooley who has stolen millions from the fraud

7:00 PM  
Blogger Bullseye said...


I'm not sure if I have ever met you and so I've no idea where you get your info from but you are entirely wrong.

I am not a member of OBV, infact I specifically and publically disagreed with the OBV manifesto at the last general election over its call for all-black shortlists for predominantly black areas.

As for Simon Woolley, though I have often disagreed with him I have never heard any suggestion, let alone seen any proof of impropriety concerning him, so if you want to libel someone could you please get your own blog and do it there.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well meaning people can do great damage - there are lots of cases similar to that of Nicky Hardingham.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous David Dent said...

The Liberal Pary in its present form , by co operating with New Labour, have demonstrated their anti Libertarian tendencies.

I hope that you realise that 40% of us never bother to vote because we will not compromise of Liberty issues.

Thirten million smokers, 5 million field sports enthusiasts, and every car driver in the country are alienated by every Party. They all crush our rights. When you have Liberal MPS voting for smoking bans and hunting bans,and discriminate against veils and native peoples like the Inuit, there is no alternative there either.

You have some Libertarian ideas, Start a new Party. You would have massive support.

In the meantime thankyou for showing the pseudo fascism of new labour.

3:23 AM  

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