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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

An act of terrorism

Can a nation lose its soul? If so, then Israel is in danger of doing just that.

The murder, for that is what is was, of four unarmed UN observers, is without justification or even excuse. It crosses the line between an act of war and an act of terrorism.

It is arguable, though vehemently I disagree, that the death of so many Lebanese civilians is unavoidable 'collateral damage' caused by Hizbollah's insistence on placing its weapons in residential areas. It is even arguable that the bombing of 2 Red Cross ambulances, evacuating civilians who had already been victims of the bombings, was, despite their clear markings, a tragic case of mistaken identity. What it is not possible to argue though is that the Isreali defence force did not know that it was attacking a UN outpost.

The first sheeling took place before Noon, in all there were 14 artillery attacks up to the point it was detsroyed at 7pm by a precision misile. Throughout that time the UN feverish tried to reach Isreali command, apparently tyelling them 10 days that day that they were in danger of destroying the outpost & killing its unarmed occupants.

The post was over 20 years old, it has the distinctive blue UN colours, it features on every Isreali army map. when the order was given to kill its occupants the IDF knew what is was and who they were targeting. There is no defence for this act, the deliberate targeting of unarmed non-combatants - and there is no moral difference between it and a suicide bomber blowing up a city bus.

What are you prepared to do in order to defend your country? What line are you not prepared to cross? When does your conscience say enough is enough? Can a nation lose its soul?


Blogger English European said...

I agree with everything you say, but I worry about what you haven't said, which is what should we - Lin Dems, Britain, Europe - do about it?

I think our words are meaningless hot air unless we move towards meaningful sanctions against those who cause such injustice and instability in our near abroad.

10:41 PM  

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